The 2013 South China International Championship Dog Show will last four days and there will be a BIS winner on each day. The Supreme BIS winner will be selected within the four BIS winners with a trophy and will be entitled to participate in the 2014 Crufts Dog Show in the UK, sponsored by Shanghai Jinghao Agriculture and Science Co,. Ltd (Guangzhou Office).

The sponsorship includes return freight from China to the UK of the winning dog, return airfare (economy class) of the dog owner OR the handler from China to the UK, accommodation fees of 6 nights in the designated hotel in the UK (if the handler or the dog owner would like to change the hotel, he or she should pay for the according differences). The related personnel should apply for the visa to the UK by themselves. Related guidance and assistance will be provided by the sponsor. Since the title of Supreme BIS is to promote international communication of purebred dogs, therefore, the sponsored items could not be redeemed in cash; the winning dog cannot be exchanged and should present the completed pedigree of 3 generations; and the related personnel cannot provide any false document.

The personnel violates the above terms will face legal liabilities and the entry qualification of the 2014 Crufts Dog Show will also be cancelled.

We are very proud to announce that the CKU Zhongshan dog show is recognized by The Kennel Club (KC) of the UK as a qualification show of their 2014 Crufts Dog Show. Dogs which are above 15 months old£¨ the completed pedigree of 3 generations£© and are awarded of titles of BOB or BOS are qualified to participate in the 2014 Crufts Dog Show in the UK next year.


CKU Zhongshan F.C.I. Championship Show(CACIB) ---- December 19' 2013
CKU Guangdong F.C.I. Championship Show(CACIB) ---- December 20' 2013
CKU Guangzhou F.C.I. Championship Show(CACIB) ---- December 21' 2013
CKU South China F.C.I. Championship Show(CACIB) ---- December 22' 2013

CKU National Bichon Frise Specialty Show judge£ºMr. Yolanda Nagler ( Israel )
CKU Golden Retriever Specialty Show judge£ºMr. M. Fukushima ( Japan )
CKU Labrador Specialty Show judge£ºMr. T. Miyagawa ( Japan )
CKU Samoyed Specialty Show. judge£ºMr. Carlos Quinones ( Columbia )
CKU Poodle Specialty Show. judge£ºMr. John Stanton ( New Zealand )
CKU Border Collie Specialty Show.  judge£ºMr. John Rowles ( Australia )


Dear Exhibitors,
Thank you for your entry to participate at our dog shows held from 19th to 22nd December 2013. Please study the following information carefully.

1. Quarantine rules & regulation in P.R. China ( Guangzhou )

There is no quarantine or import permit required in Guangdong
Province. One passenger is allowed to bring one dog into China without import permit or taxes. If you bring more than one dog per person, please inform us in advance. We will arrange special permit for you. Please do not forget to obtain the relevant Health Certificate,
Microchip number, Vaccination Card and Rabies document and the Health Certificate must be stamped by your country's Government Veterinary Department. Those documents are to be submitted to the P.R.China Veterinary Authority upon your arrival in Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. Please bring along at least one photocopy of those documents. All oversea exhibitors must arrive on or before 18th December and we will assist you to apply export documents for you to return home.

2. Venue

The show ground is located in Guangdong Zhongshan, Lighting Capital Guzhen Exhibition Center, with 10,000 sq. meter indoor, carpeted, air-con venue. It will take around one hour from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Zhongshan City.

3.  Transportation

We will provide free pick up service for all overseas exhibitors at the airport. Kindly inform us your itinerary one week before your departure for the pick up service.
Free shuttle service is available from 19-22 December between hotel to the show ground.

4. Accommodation

The hotel which will reserved for overseas exhibitors are 5-stars hotel. Its location is around 5 minutes by car to the venue. The room charges are RMB 320 / US 45 per night with 2 sets of breakfast included. Please make your reservation when you enroll your dog. Due to limited room availability, bookings will be reserved on first-come-first-serve basis.
Kindly take good care of your dog while you stay in the hotel. Any damages of the room's facility may cause penalty by the hotel management.

5. Show classes

a. Baby Puppy  3-6 months
b. Puppy 6-9 months
c. Junior 9-18 months
d. Intermediate. 15-24 months
e. Open.   15 months or above
f. Champion For those non CKU registered dog, you need to provide the championship
certificate or electronic copy upon their enrollment.
g. Veteran 8 years old or above

General specials will commence after all groups are finished everyday.
All Dog & Bitch CACIB winners or Dog & Bitch winners from Junior Class in breeds are recognized by The Kennel Club of London. Each winner will receive a certificate which certifies that they will qualified to enter Crufts 2014.